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Go to SecOps – InfoSec Army

SecOps – InfoSec Army

An initiative to revolutionize the Information Security area. Create an organism capable of unifying all the security professionals and companies with all their competences, and allocate them dinamically on projects. Information Security meets Colaborative Economy.

Go to Scotty


Scotty is a security oriented messaging app. Connections are fully encrypted with cutting-edge cryptographic algorithms and stunning speed, designed on a gorgeus interface. Aim the corporative market and professionals needing meaningful security

Go to Security Experts Team

Security Experts Team

Security Experts Team its an information security community currently on Brazil, but expanding to other places. The objective is to provide a tool for the community to exchange ideas, post articles, and give support to smaller projects. They also partner with companies to provide job opportunities.

Go to Cyberrehab


Cyberrehab is an attempt to stop cybercrime one IP block at a time. By working with ISP to doing encapsulation and tagging trafic they know to be suspcious of cybercrime, and encouraging project participants to share threat intelligence information, they aim to create several SOCs that can dramatically reduce cybercrime.

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