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We're an ambitious workaholic, but apart from that, pretty simple persons.



Ideas are great but the right execution is what makes the difference.


Legal Assistance

Protect your business and ideas from potential threats


Business strategy

Some great ideas sometimes never come thru because they lack whats important to be sucessful


Financial funding

It does not matter how great your project is, it will need financial investment to get there



Servers, tools, developers, analysts, etc. You need infrastructure to get things done.



"A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a watch to save time" Henry Ford

We are a company build by information security entrepreneurs for information security entrepreneurs

Experience and Know-how

Our founders are information professional with more than 20 years of experience in the field. Use can use this experience to tailor you project or idea into a sucessful venture

Passion fOr information Security

We're a group of professionals passionate by information security and its role in the world. We truly believe all projetcts that have potential to improve the information security field for the better, must be supported

CUrrent Projects

Projects we're currently supporting

infosec army

InfoSec Army is a crowdsourced platform for mediation of information security services that aims to promote the meeting between customers and suppliers. It aims, through its verticals, to optimize the allocation of available resources within the information security area providing a tool that enables the end customer to find high quality information security features at a fair price.

CYB3R Security Operations

CYB3R Security Operations is a project orchestration company for complex information security demands that involve multiple resources from different sources. Coordinated by a central entity, enabling the creation of custom-tailored, unbiased and cost-effective offerings.


Scotty is a security oriented messaging app. Connections are fully encrypted with cutting-edge cryptographic algorithms and stunning speed, designed on a gorgeus interface. Aim the corporative market and professionals needing meaningful security


Mock Attack is a phishing platform aimed at training users to recognize phishing attacks, if features a lot of interesting things as gamification, reports, and other useful functions for your Security Awareness programs

Our Vision and Mission

We aim high at being focused on building relationships with our partners and community. Working together on the daily requires each individual to let the greater good of the team's work surface above their own ego.


What our previous partnerships have to say about us

We want to help great ideas became sucessful projects, and the way to do this is building strong relationships thru the time.

Have an idea? Wanna change the world? Make the difference? Send us a message and tell us about it. We may be able to help you with it.

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Get in touch with us, tell us your dream, maybe we can help you in the path of making it come true.

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Security Solutions is a holding company owned by a group of Security Experts. We aside our own activities like to support and invest in small ideas in which we identify potenciality. We firmly believe an idea can change the world. And our mission is to support people trying to do this